Pastors are great at telling people what to do.  It’s one of the perks of being a pastor. And, of course, the pastor’s church always follows through.

But, I don’t want to be a pastor that just tells people what to do.  Especially because this rarely works and is typically unhelpful.  Instead, a pastor should not only share what God’s Word says we should do – the pastor should also equip the church to that end & to hold the church accountable. (while being held accountable to it too)

At MABC, we must be a people who consistently and daily read the Bible. This was the impetus for 70 Days in the Books of John where our church family was given a bookmark with a daily reading schedule, a devotional to help understand each chapter, and held gently accountable by reminding the church (during the weekly worship service) where we are in the reading plan.

But now we are winding down with 70 Days in the Books of John.  And because my responsibility to equip the church for daily Bible reading doesn’t end with the last chapter of Revelation, below are three reading plan options.  I’ve included a picture of each for an example of the content of each plan.

As you settle on a Bible reading plan, my friend, Scott Maze, has a few words of advice on how to ensure that you not just start, but finish, your reading plan. You can check out that advice here:




Download the 52 Week Bible Reading Plan here: 52 Week.


Download the Straight Through the Bible Reading Plan here: Straight Through.


Download the 2 Year Bible Reading Plan here: 2 Year.