Are you like me and have fond memories of dressing up on Halloween and going trick ‘r treating with family?  I don’t really remember the costumes, but I do remember standing on doorsteps in eager anticipation.  Going trick ‘r treating with my Dad is a fond memory.

Fast forward with me several years.  Janet and my first house was in the middle of a hotbed neighborhood for trick ‘r treating.  People from all over Fort Worth would drive to our neighborhood. And yet, I had to drive away from all those people – all those opportunities to connect with people – in order to serve at the church’s fall festival.

So on the night that people are out of their homes, knocking on doors – Like Mormon missionaries, but in reverse – Christians are simply not around. Rather than being in the world as salt and light, rather than being good neighbors,  Christians have sequestered themselves on their church campuses on Halloween night.

So here is what I propose for MABC – and it may be unpopular – this year, let’s stay home. Let’s be a presence in our community for the gospel.  Let’s be good neighbors.

Let’s also be intentional. Below is a copy of the Halloween Handout similar to the one passed out at MABC on October 23.  Please give it a read.



If you dislike this idea, I kinda understand.  But I do have a request, let’s give it a chance this year – just this once – and see how it goes.

As you do so, take a couple pictures, probably not of kids that aren’t yours, but of how you prepared to be a good neighbor or how you’re going the extra mile.  Please post your picture to Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag, #MABCOutreach, so that we can easily find and share the pictures of our church’s Halloween Outreach this year.