Matthew 7.7


Take a kid to a store – really any store at all – it could be a tire store, a fabric store, a hardware store, and they will find something that they want you to buy for them.

You take them to a tire store and they want a tire.  You take them to a fabric store and they want…actually I’ve never been in a fabric store, so I’m not sure.  But I know that when you take a child to a hardware store they will find something – a nail, a light bulb, a 2×4, a chainsaw – something, and they will have to have it.

We need to start channeling our inner child in prayer.  Kids ask with boldness.  We need to recapture some of that boldness in our requests.

But we need to do so without reacting like a kid when we don’t get our way.

In Matthew 7:7-8, Jesus invites us to ask – to ask with boldness – and there is even a sense that we should “explore the extent of his generosity”.[i]

We can pray with boldness knowing that even when we ask for something we should not have that according to Matthew 7:11, God will only give what is good.

I know what you’re wondering – how in the world am I going to find time to pray with boldness?

My guess is that many of us already pray.  Maybe, you already pray at meal time or  when tucking your kids into bed.  You may pray before your own bedtime.

You may be praying right now for this blog post to finally end.

One easy way to improve your prayer life is to simply improve on what you are already doing. Make your routine prayers meaningful.

If you pray before you eat, one thing you could do is to change that prayer that usually lasts a few seconds or a single moment into one that lasts several moments. If you’re worried that your food could go cold, pray at the end of the meal – if you have friends or family present, ask for prayer requests.  The same can be true of bed time – instead of “now I lay me down to bed” pray with your kids – again, think of someone or something to pray for and make the routine meaningful.

You probably already have times for prayer built into your daily life – simply make those times meaningful.



[i] France, NICNT, 279.