For as long as I’ve been on staff at NRHBC, we’ve had in place a co-ed car policy. Namely that your church staff are not to ride in a car alone with someone of the opposite gender that is not a member of the staff’s family.

The policy is in place to protect the reputation of the staff member as much as it is to prevent potential bad choices. On occasion it’s been a tad annoying, but it is a smart policy to have and one that is absolutely needed.

Speaking of things that are annoying, let’s talk about group texting.

We’ve put in place a new policy at Cross Church about co-ed texting that mimics the car policy.  In a word, I’m asking my staff not to text someone of the opposite gender in a one-on-one text.

In other words, when Josh and I need to text a woman who is not family, we will have to have a third party in on the conversation.  Sally will need to include a third party when texting a man who is not her family or fiancé.

We will protect privacy.

Please help us to follow this policy and be understanding when it becomes annoying.


Pastor Mark