Luke 19.38

Yesterday, Scott Maze and I preached from Luke 19:28-44. This passage contains the triumphal entry as Jesus enters Jerusalem on what is more commonly known as Palm Sunday.

Leading up to the triumphal entry, Jesus gives specific instructions to a pair of his disciples regarding the procurement of a donkey colt for him to ride.

This passage reveals that Jesus knew a great deal of details about the donkey:

  • Jesus knows where the colt is tied up.
  • He knows that the colt has never been ridden.
  • Jesus prepares his 2 disciples with the exact words they will need to say to have the colt released to them.

Jesus’ knowledge shows that he is in complete control over the entire situation.

I’ve now had the privilege of leading several dozen wedding ceremonies, which means that I’ve been a part of several dozen wedding rehearsals.

It is easy to know which brides are in complete control of their wedding ceremonies and which are not.

The brides that are in control know where each person will stand on stage. She’s planned the precise spot for the groom & his groomsmen, for herself and her bridesmaids. She knows to what song everyone will enter to, and she will have given me exactly what to say weeks ahead of time.

A bride’s knowledge of her ceremony reveals that she is in control of the wedding.

The same is true here – Jesus knows exactly what will happen, which reveals that he is in complete control of all of the events of the week.

Even though Jesus enters Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to applause only to exit the city to jeers, he is still in complete control of the week. Nothing happens that is outside of his knowledge, his direction, or his control.

The same is true in your life and mine. Jesus is in complete control.

One area that is completely out of my control is the number of children that Janet and I have.  Each new year, it is a fun tradition to look back “On This Day” on Facebook and see the pictures of Parker’s birth.

We remember how Janet and I traveled to Austin on Christmas Day, 2008 in anticipation of Parker’s birth. We hurried to the hospital the next morning, and together waited impatiently in the hospital room. I remember standing with Janet, just outside the birthing room, only to hear Parker’s first cry.

Janet and Parker

Moments later, we were brought in the room to see our precious new-born son as Parker’s birthmom handed him over to Janet. Several days later, on New Year’s Day 2009, we brought Parker home.

Eight months later, Jonathan was born – little did we know that while we waited outside the birth room, that Janet was pregnant with Jay. Both births were a miracle – that Michelle picked us to parent Parker and that a short time later, Janet would give birth to Jonathan.

Here we are now 7 years after Parker’s birth, and we are no more in control of how many kids we could have than we were then. On March 1, 2013, we submitted paperwork to our adoption agency, and here we are almost 3 years later without a third child.

For Janet and I, 2015 brought some struggles and many disappointments as birthmom after birthmom picked another family to parent her baby.  We don’t know if ultimately Jesus will have us be a family of 4 or 5…but either way, Jesus is in complete control.


Just because Jesus is in control, doesn’t mean it will all work out according to your wants and your wishes.

Take heart – Jesus has your best interests in mind, even when your deepest desires are unfulfilled.

You may have ample excuses to doubt him, but that doesn’t change the reality that Jesus is in complete control.  And his control is good.