Confused Cage

From my experience as a campus pastor for over two years, there are just somethings confusing about the relationship between the satellite campus and the main campus.

So I came up with five things not to ask a campus pastor.  These are all questions I’ve actually been asked.

These questions are kinda like what not to ask a woman, (How old are you? How much do you weigh? Are ALL these kids yours? Etc.).  They’re intended to be funny – or at least tongue-in-cheek – so enjoy.

Five Things Not to Ask a Campus Pastor:

  1. How’s your church doing?

Well…it’s our church. Members of of the satellite campus are members of the main campus. And vice-versa…

Instead, let me encourage you to change the “your” to “our”.  This is our church and our satellite campus.

2. Will Cross Church survive?

I understand the concern – I really do. In fact, since the satellite I lead, Cross Church got started, 2 large churches in the Fort Worth area have closed the doors on their satellite campus for a variety of reasons.

But it’s just not an encouraging question.  Sorta like asking a soldier if he or she will survive a war…

How about asking, “what successes are you seeing at the satellite campus?”

3. What are you doing here?

This typically occurs when a church member sees me at the main campus during the week, at a special event, or on a Sunday night.

Well…I am a member of the church too… I am one of the pastors of our church. Um…It’s good to see you too?

Instead, let me encourage you to say “My don’t you look handsome today”.

4. Are you ready to get into a building?

This is exclusive to the satellite campuses that don’t yet have their own facility to meet in.

The answer to this question is yes. The answer is always yes. Kinda like “is the sky blue?” or “Is the Pope catholic?”

A better question to ask is “How can we help?

5. Does the satellite campus still meet when you’re not there?

Does the main campus still meet when the senior pastor isn’t there?

I actually don’t have an alternative to this question.  And yes, it is one I’ve been asked…

I hope you have enjoyed these.  I love our church. I love NRHBC and so thoroughly appreciate the sacrifices we’ve all made to see God’s plan for Cross Church come to fruition.

It’s a tremendous blessing to be the campus pastor of Cross Church as one of the pastors of NRHBC.