At the SEND conference a couple of weeks ago, a common refrain challenged pastors to consider if their community would miss them if the church closed.

As stated previously (here) my goal is for Cross Church to be internally strong and externally focused.  An externally focused church is concerned with serving the community, building relationships, all-the-while connecting community members with Christ.

One of the challenges of being in northwest Fort Worth is the lack of community. As a new community, there are a panoply of homes without many means to connect with the community.

While this presents the problem of how to meet new people, it also provides an opportunity for Cross Church to be a community building group. As a result we have community building events once a month.  For example, this past June, we partnered with a local HOA for a block party.

We’ve called these events, “Building Our Community”.


Keeping in mind the challenge from the SEND conference, it is important to denote the difference between activity and impact.  Through Building Our Community, I know that Cross Church has many community activities, but I was wondering about the impact.

So it was with great delight that I received an email from a faculty member at Schluter Elementary, where Cross Church meets on Sundays with the following paragraph discussing our impact.

“Have I mentioned how much I LOVE having the church as part of our community?? This has truly been a blessing. I know we don’t say it often enough but your presence is felt greatly throughout the year with the love you show our teachers, offering our students Christian clubs after school, snacks for the weekend and your endless words of encouragement. Schluter Elementary has truly been impacted by THE CHURCH!”

It is a result of this email that I can confidently say that if Cross Church was absent from our community, we would be missed.

It is a rare and special blessing to know that your impact matches your vision.