NHL and Tim Hortons - the most Canadian things ever

NHL and Tim Hortons – the most Canadian things ever

Thursday morning, we (the Crows, Jake and I that is) went to the Point Church’s offices on campus for orientation. We watched a couple powerful videos and did a bit of discussion over the lostness of Vancouver.

The worship team bought equipment for the Point Church and were setting it up, making sure it worked, and generally getting it ready for set up and tear down on Sunday mornings – doing a great job of ensuring that the worship experience is the best it can be for attenders at the Point Church.

For lunch we (the Crows, Jake and I) went to a cafe and then went to “God Row” where there are several temples. We toured a Sikh temple and a Buddhist temple. The tour guides were good – both places were interesting to hear what they believe and how they practice their faith.

Selfie with the first Sikh guru

Selfie with the first Sikh guru

Then we went to Steveston – a water-front part of town where there are stores, restaurants and a board walk. The Crows went shopping while Jake and I walked around.

delicious fish and chips

delicious fish and chips

We then ate fish and chips for dinner, which was delicious.

Then we went back to SFU around 8 PM. Jake and I decided to play soccer, so we did, and then all the Crows joined us. Jake and I played on one team against the 5 Crows. It was fun. Jake and I, of course, destroyed them. 🙂

We saw a bear walking around the outside of the fenced-in soccer field. It was cool.

We then baked some cakes to take to SFU leadership to build a good reputation for the Point Church.

This morning we will pass out the cakes and then later we will be getting everything later for a Texas BBQ tonight.

Pray for the Texas BBQ tonight as we look to connect SFU students to the Point Church!