We had a great finish to the 10 days in Japan.

On Wednesday, we spent the morning and early afternoon passing out tracts. On the week we passed out a little over 6,500 tracts. Join us in praying for the gospel to be saturated to many homes and apartments through these tracts.

In the early evening, we practiced 5 Minute English again outside of Nagoya Station, a busy train and subway station. The team did 5 Minute English 3 times during the week, all in the same place and at the same time. This way, we met some of the same people all 3 times. Below is a picture of me with a Japanese young man who I saw all 3 times and at the last encounter expressed interest in learning more about Christ but also some fear of Christianity.


In one of the conversations that I had, in this instance with a young woman, I asked if she regularly visited a Shinto Shrine or Buddhist Temple. She said only on special occasions. I then asked if anyone had ever told her about Jesus Christ. This young woman, a Japanese student, had never heard of Jesus.

Never heard of Jesus. Ever. In her life.

This is not her fault.

For her, and those like her, is why every Christian must live their life on mission and go to places where people have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ.

On Thursday we went to a suburb of Nagoya to Hirabari Baptist Church. In the morning, Denise shared a devotional with a Moms group and her boys played with the little ones. Jeff, Jake, the pastor Sito-sensai, and I pulled weeds in the church garden and prayer walked the neighborhood.

Jake with Pastor Sito-sensai.


Sito-sensai speaks excellent English have spent 5-6 years in the U.S. 5 years as a kid as his dad went to Southern Seminary and 1 year as an adult interning at a church.

In the afternoon each team member shared about an American holiday for a beginners English class. Here is Tyler Andruss sharing about Halloween.


On Friday we traveled to a High School in another suburb and spoke about various components of American culture and American places (I of course spoke about Texas since Texas > America). We shared with one 12th grade class, one 11th grade class and two 10th grade classes. The students were arranged in stations and our team heard about various components of Japan and Japanese culture from the students as well.

In the 10th graded classes, I spoke about going to church including what happens in a worship service and in small groups. The students were eager to hear, leaning in when I spoke and played a Chris Tomlin song on my iPhone.

The Japanese girls were enamored with the cute Andruss boys and constantly asked for their pictures.


We had a great time in Japan. Please join with us in praying for the 100 million + in Japan that have not heard or accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ.