We’ve enjoyed a couple more fruitful days here in Japan.

On Sunday morning, we visited the Atsuta Shrine, a Shinto shrine in the heart of Nagoya. Shintoism is one of the 2 major religions of Japan, although it is seen as more a way of life than a religion.

At the shrine, we witnessed a few wedding parties getting ready for their ceremony and one actual ceremony. Several families were present to dedicate their children.

Many Japanese practice both Shinto and Buddhism without problems of congruence. Shinto deals with the details of life whereas Buddhism deals primarily with death and the afterlife.


What confuses me in the relationship between Buddhism, a seemingly atheistic religion, and Shinto, a pantheistic religion. For example, in the picture below, this 1,000 year old tree lives in the shrine grounds and is believed to house a god. How the Japanese resolve this conflict is a mystery to me.


On Monday, we started the day by passing out tracts. We did this for a couple hours and passed out close to 2,000 by placing them in mailboxes.

The area we tracted is near the home of a couple who recently moved from Hiroshima to Nagoya, Matt and Misty Sargent. Here is a pic of Matt passing out tracts.



After lunch we visited a Japanese cemetery. Heart breaking to think of how many people died without the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.


We finished the day with another round of “5 Minute English”, where we stand outside a busy train/subway station offering to help Japanese practice their English. The goal of the conversation is to meet as many people as possible, attempt to transition to the gospel, and if not, give them a tract or a card with our testimonies on them in English and Japanese. In this picture I am posing with a couple young men.


Tuesday morning we passed out tracts. At lunchtime we met Tacuo-son and his young family. Tacuo is a Christian who works at an electronics factory. He feels called to ministry.


Today we will be tracting and doing 5 Minute English.

Join with me in praying for the lostness of Japan. 130 million with 99% non-Christian. Nagoya is 18 million strong, also with 99% non-Christian.

Pray for the missionaries here and Japanese Christians as they share the gospel with family and friends. Pray for an amazing harvest!