We have been in Japan a couple days doing some exciting work, so I thought an update should be forthcoming.

On Friday, we started the day visiting Nagoya Castle, built in the 1600s.


After the castle we stood atop an observation deck that overlooked the city. This gave us an opportunity to pray for the lost people of Nagoya. At least 98% of Nagoyans are not followers of Jesus Christ.

Next we stood outside a busy subway station holding signs offering to help people practice their English. I spoke with 3 men, the last being at least an hour long. Hyroshi is an English student who came to the University of Indiana to learn English. He was eager to practice his English and we spoke on many subjects including Japanese culture, Buddhism, American culture and Christianity.

This is my second trip to Japan and this was my first lengthy and poignant conversation about Jesus. I asked Hyroshi if he had any questions about Jesus, about whom he had a plethora. He asked about such easy topics as the relationship between Jesus and God, Christianity and Judaism, the authority of Scripture, and the difference between Protestants and Catholics.

These questions allowed me to share the gospel clearly with Hyroshi. Please pray with me that the Holy Spirit will move in Hyroshi, making sense of my jet-lag addled explanations.


Saturday morning we hit a neighborhood passing out tracts by placing them in mailboxes (not illegal in Japan).


Around lunchtime we visited a Buddhist temple, praying for eyes to be opened to the futility of the rituals.


Next, we worked with a group of missionaries from Canada and a few students from a Christian HIgh School, for an outreach to homeless people. The outreach included a worship set and I led a devotional.


We finished a long and excellent Saturday by eating sushi.


Please pray for Hyroshi and those homeless men and women who heard the gospel.