We are a little more than half-way to our goal of $10k but we have an exciting development.  My sister and her husband have given us 2 iPad minis to raffle for the adoption.

We will start the raffle for the first iPad mini tomorrow.  The drawing will be held when we sell 100 tickets.  As you can see above, whomever buys 5 tickets will get 5 tickets free.  I will have tickets on me at all times.

Tickets do not equal puzzle pieces, so we are still in need of people to buy some (many? a plethora of?) puzzle pieces.  🙂

If someone wants to do it through Facebook/Twitter/PayPal or whatever, we will assign you a number and drop that ticket in the hat.  If we have to ship the iPad, we’ll cover shipping (within reason, friends who live overseas!).

I do plan on buying 5 tickets, just FYI.  Thus, I will not be the one drawing the ticket from the hat.

The second raffle will be held subsequently.  Please contact me if you have any questions.