The Ticket

In Dallas/Fort Worth radio, 1310 the Ticket is a juggernaut.  When generating advertising sales, the key demographic  of men is 22-54.  In this demographic the Ticket dominates the ratings.  If you find that hard to believe, the ratings are listed here: Ticket Ratings.

Gordon Keith is one of the voices of the ticket, he is the schtick guy on the Musers, the morning show.  As an especially gifted entertainer, Gordon’s voice is heard through a variety of platforms, including the Dallas Morning News.

This morning he posted an article to regarding the kerfuffle involving Tim Tebow, First Baptist Church of Dallas and Robert Jeffress, pastor of FBC Dallas.

Gordon’s article is poignant, brilliant and dead wrong.  You can read the article here: “Gordon Keith: Tebow not a wimp for passing on Jeffress’ ‘portrait of God’

(Let me encourage you to read the entire article since I will be quoting it in parts.  Your reading the article will ensure that in leaving out the context you will see that I am not taking the quotes out of context.)

In the article, Gordon makes several comments about how we know what we know about God, and offers suggestions to re-paint our understanding of God.

“Jeffress has taken the palette of the Bible and painted his portrait of God, and he thinks it’s correct because it’s “biblical.” The problem is that the Bible is a collection of other men’s portraits of God…

When we fetishize antiquity, we blunt our ability to listen to the word of God currently being written. In books, plays and prayers. If God is still whispering into the hearts of men and women, why is it a stretch to think that humans can no longer transcribe that dictation? If we lose our blind allegiance to antiquity, we will gain a more useful portrait of a meaningful God through fresh Scripture…

To all those fence-sitters, I say: If the Bible as we know it is the thing keeping you from our immanent God, let go of the Bible. Work out a portrait of God that you can love and that can love you back. Yes, you’re allowed to do that. That’s what men have always done. Whether it’s Paul the Apostle, Luke the physician or anyone else in the distant past who used the limits of language to clothe a limitless God. Don’t worry. There won’t be chaos without the absolute authority of the Bible. God is bigger than the sum of all those jots and tittles.”

Let me agree with Gordon – you have the right, as an American, to believe whatever you want to believe.  Gordon Keith has this right.  Tim Tebow has this right.  Robert Jeffress has this right.

In Genesis 1:26-27, God tells us through his Word that humanity is made in the image of God.  What Gordon Keith is doing, by encouraging us to “Work out a portrait of God that you can love and that can love you back” is inviting us to make a god in the image of ourselves.

History tells us this is nothing new.  The Israelites created a god at the foot of Mount Sinai, the Pharisees created a god out of their panoply of laws, many a church has created a god out of their traditions, and I have created a god of myself when I excuse away my wrongs.

Either you worship the God that has made us in his image or you worship a god made in your image.  One has the ability to save and redeem you.  The other does not.  Be careful the God you worship in case it turns out to be yourself.

Simply stated, God is God of the universe…not you or me.